Dental first aid

In case you fracture or loose a tooth due to an accident, you can immediately put it back in the tooth socket. Avoid scrubbing the tooth, doing so will eliminate the cells that hold the tooth to the bone. If you don’t feel able to put it back in the socket yourself, store the tooth in a container or zip lock bag with some milk. Again, do not attempt to clean the tooth ads this will harm its chances to reattach. Immediately contact us for treatment.

In case of severe pain there are a few actions that can be taken to lessen it. Put some clove by the area that is painful. Avoid aspirin, because this substance will promote bleeding. Use Advil, Tylenol or Ibuprofen in doses not higher than 2 tables or gelcaps every 6 hours. Try to lift your head with pillows or sleep in a more upright position, blood pressure in your skull will be lower than when you are laying flat, reducing pain. Cold liquids also reduce pain.

Post operative care.
Bite on a clean gauze or a tea bag when bleeding occurs, avoid biting on your cheek, lip or tongue while these areas are numb from anesthesia.
Maintain a soft and cold diet for at least two days after your oral surgery.
Avoid swishing your moth and try to provide good oral hygiene to the rest of your mouth.
Avoid smoking, dinking through a straw, exercise and sauna baths for the first 72 hours.

Always follow the prescribed medication and dosage.
Do not stop taking your medication even if you feel well.
Do not ingest any alcohol while taking medications.

Filling, crown or bridge dislodgement
Store it in a small container and return to the office. Never store it in tissue paper, as it will probably be thrown away by mistake.
If a restoration accidentally comes off and you are in need to replace it immediately, dry it well and lace a single drop of crazy glue on the inside and reposition in your mouth.

Swelling /Antibiotics
Antibiotics are medication that is prescribed in order to fight infections. They are prescribed based on the knowledge of their mechanisms to promote a patients healing. They have to be administrated on time and according to the dosages on the prescription. If a patient does not follow a doctors instructions, the efficacy of the treatment and medication is put at risk, as well as the heath of the patient. It is very important to point out that antibiotics can cause an allergic reaction at any moment, even if they have been administrated before. Combining antibiotics with alcohol can have toxic consequences, and some can interfere with contraceptives.

Mandibular dislocation
If your jaw becomes trapped or stuck while yawning or opening your mothe, cross your arms and press with your thumbs over the back teeth while pulling with your other fingers in a downward direction.

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