What sets our practice apart from others is our highly trained team of specialists and staff, that is continuously is constantly updated in techniques to prevent, detect and treat oral and dental pathologies. Oral health is not limited to teeth. Patients need to be treated integrally, analyzing how their general health affects their mouth, as well as how a bad oral health can have repercussions in their organism.

Such is the case that for example common infections of the gums can be the cause of cardiac disease, or back pain, migraines and digestive problems can be attributed to dental decay. Dentistry goes further than routine dental treatments and esthetic results, without downplaying the importance of these treatments.

Every patient that is treated at our clinic is examined rigorously, taking into account that they current illnesses are, taking account on their clinical history. Radiographic exams are done in order to present the ideal treatment plan for every individual case.

The nicest smile is that of our satisfied patients